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Before uploading your Activate Product Package to Marketplace, use the Activate Package Installation Analyzer to test if your Activate Package will cause any issues.

The objective of the Activate Package Installation Analyzer is to test your package before uploading it to Marketplace. It checks that customizations made prior to installing the new Activate Package are not lost. It also checks that resources are not broken. By using this tool alongside your ESM Console, you can see how your ESM will react upon installing and uninstalling the package.

- Installs pre-required packages
- Installs and uninstalls test package
- Runs .bat file
- Runs resvalidate after each test

Note: It is recommended to take a snapshot of your VM before running the tool so that no data gets corrupted. In the event that data gets corrupted, you can revert to the snapshot.

Note: Be sure to read through the terminal output. One thing to look for in particular is missing required resources. If a required package is missing and/or not installed, then there will be a prompt for user input, then the program will continue to run through the rest of the tests.

Note: Input is not case sensitive

Download Instructions

The latest Activate Package Installation Check Tool can be downloaded from ArcSight Marketplace here.

System Requirements:

- Linux
- Python 2.7.5 or later
- ESM 6.8 or later

How to Use

1. Download the file from Marketplace
2. Extract the files from the zip to a location on your Linux machine that has ESM manager installed
3. To run, open up Terminal
4. Run the command: python <path/to/CheckInstall>
a. For example, if it is on your Desktop and you are currently in your Desktop directory in Terminal, type: python CheckInstall
5. Follow prompts for username of machine, ArcSight manager IP, ArcSight usersname, and ArcSight password
6. There may be a prompt to overrwrite the existing results file, choose ‘y’ or ‘n’
a. Yes will overwrite the old file
b. No will exit the program
7. Let the program run
8. There may be prompts that ask whether you want to install, uninstall, etc. Choose as you’d like
9. When the program is done running, results can be found in /opt/<username>/manager/ folder

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