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One of the goals of Activate is to have modular content packages that can be installed and uninstalled cleanly. Activate Templates are for content developers who wish to easily package their content. There are three types:
  1. ArcSight Activate templates, which have resources in the /All <resource_type>/ArcSight Activate tree.
  2. Custom Activate templates, which have resources in the /All <resource_type>/<Company Name> Activate tree.
  3. Marketplace Activate Templates, which have resources in the /All <resource_type>/ArcSight Marketplace/<Company Name> tree.
The first, basic type of template is the standard Activate Framework templates. The second type is the Activate Custom Base Template, which is for Activate compliant content that is specific to your organization, and is not to be shared outside of your organization. The third type is the Activate Marketplace Templates, which is for Activate content you wish to contribute to the Activate Community by way of the ArcSight Marketplace.

All templates provide the resource exclusions and packages for L1, L2, and P templates. Specific details on how to use each template are given in their respective documentation page.

General Template Use Instructions

These instructions outline the basics of using any of the templates for packaging ArcSight Activate Framework packages. The examples used here apply to all templates, but will use the ArcSight Activate Templates. Read the Use and Configuration section for the template packages you have selected for additional instructions specific to that set of templates.
1. Download, import and install the template package bundle you wish to use. ArcSightActivateTemplates01.png
2. Copy the package(s) you wish to use to another group. TemplateInstructions01.png
3. Rename the package(s) using the Activate Framework naming conventions. TemplateInstructions02.png
4. Include the content you wish to package into your renamed template. TemplateInstructions03.png
5. If you have active list that contain pre-populated data: TemplateInstructions04.png
5a. Add the pre-populated active lists to the active lists package. TemplateInstructions05.png
5b. Exclude the pre-populated active lists from your main package. TemplateInstructions06.png
6. Change the required package in your main package to your active lists package. TemplateInstructions06a.png
7. If you do not have pre-populated active lists: TemplateInstructions07.png
6a. Edit the package and change the requirement from the active list package to the appropriate package. TemplateInstructions08.png
6b. For product packages and L1 packages, this is is Activate Base. TemplateInstructions09.png
6c. For L2 packages, this is the appropriate L1 package(s).  
7. Validate that your package has all the necessary resources.  
7a. Import it into another ArcSight ESM instance (that has the required packages installed).  
7b. In your console's search, look for 'disabled:true'. Any broken resources should be listed. If they're part of your package, figure out what is missing and update your package appropriately. TemplateInstructions10.png

Package Formats

There are two package formats of interest. The main packages use the export format, while the active lists packages use the default format. These formats determine how list data is treated in a package (active lists and session lists).
PackageFormat01.png PackageFormat02.png
Using the export format forces any lists in the package to NOT include list data. Using the default format allows the data to be exported with its list.

The main packages use the export format for several reasons. This allows a certain amount of safety, as transient data specific to a network is not exported, and therefore, no network information can leak out of your organization when you export packages with lists. Also, very large lists that use the default format can be quite large, causing the system to be unable to import the package once it has been exported (if you need to export large amounts of data, use the list viewer export to CSV feature).

Package Template for MSSPs

Activate Templates for MSSPs

Package Directory

Creating a new package

Here is a form to use to create new package topics for this package type. In the box, name your package as a wikiword. It must start with either "L1", "L2", "L3", "C" or "P". The form will create a child page according to our template, which will then appear in the tree above. Please use this box to create new packages; any other topic creation method will bypass the template.

New Activate Template Package Topic Name:

If you have any modifications to the template, you can find it here

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